Frequently Asked Questions

My district does not allow In App Purchases. How can I subscribe to BehaviorSnap?

As of June 2017, we offer a Forever Version of BehaviorSnap. For a one-time price, you will have full access to BehaviorSnap and all of its feature upgrades, current and future, forever. No subscription fees, no In App Purchases. The Forever Version is available in the App Store for $299, and is also available through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (resulting in a 50% discount for the purchase of 20 or more copies of the app).

For users not interested in the higher upfront fee of the Forever Version, you may be able to get around this issue by using an iTunes giftcard to purchase the BehaviorSnap subscription.

Do you need my credit card information if I want to sign up?

No, absolutely not. All of the purchase process is handled through Apple and the App Store via your Apple ID. We never get access to any of your billing information. Actually, Apple doesn’t tell us anything about you, not even your name.

What happens when it expires? Does it automatically renew?

If you choose to purchase a subscription, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store (or tapping ‘Manage Subscription’ within the app) after purchase.

What happens if I choose to unsubscribe? What happens to my data and reports?

Although we truly hope that you’ll continue to use the app, you may unsubscribe at the end of any of your subscription periods. When this happens, you will be able to open the app and view all of your observations and reports. You will be able to share your reports by email and text. You will not be able to conduct further observations, but your data will remain in your hands.

I’m in! Where do I sign up?

All subscribing and unsubscribing takes place within the app. Look for the My Subscription tab in the lower left hand corner of the app. Choose your preferred length of subscription and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Download the app at the apple store here.

I would like a refund.

Apple doesn’t give developers any way to process refunds but you can contact iTunes directly and request a refund for your purchase if you are dissatisfied with the app for any reason.

What is your privacy policy?
How do I back-up my data?

You can back-up your data by emailing your database to yourself. In the lower left hand corner of the main screen of the app, you’ll see a “Settings” button. Within this, you’ll find a link to “Email My Database”. Make sure that you are connected to the internet and that your mail app is set up. Email yourself the database. To download this database to your app in the future, open this email on the device you wish to download the data. There will be an option to “Open in BehaviorSnap”. This will automatically upload your data to your app. We recommend backing-up data regularly.

How do I enter data, students, teachers, etc?

We have included useful tutorials that show how to access all of BehaviorSnap’s functions and features. Find them under the Tutorials tab.

Why are some features grayed out within the app?

If features are grayed out (such as the ability to add a behavior in an Interval observation, or the teacher-student interaction button), then you are using the app without a subscription. Basic functionality of the app is allowed for 12 observations without a subscription. To obtain full functionality, go to the My Subscription tab to purchase a subscription.

Why can’t I generate a report from the report tab? Or why is the plus-sign grayed out for reports?

Reports are generated from within the observation screen once all essential information is entered (setting, student, teacher). The ‘View Data’ button then appears, and you select how you would like your data reported (one observation or multiple, notes or none). The Reports tab on the left is where you will find your reports that you’ve already generated, but the plus sign will always be grayed out because reports cannot be generated from that tab, only within the observation screen.

Is BehaviorSnap available for Android/iPhone?

As of 11/26/2018 – BehaviorSnap is available for iPhone (as well as iPads)!  BehaviorSnap is only available for iOS devices

How do I get a receipt of my purchase of the app/subscription?

iTunes sends a receipt of purchase to the email account associated with the Apple ID used to purchase the BehaviorSnap. It may take several days for the emailed receipt to appear.

How do I combine reports/generate multi-graph reports?

To combine reports, first complete all necessary information to view your data (i.e. Teacher, Student, Setting). You will then select the “Combine With Others” tab when specifying your report choices. You will then be shown a list of reports that can be combined for you to choose from. Note: For a report to show up in this list, it must have a report already run individually.
Requirements for reports to be combined: Reports must be of like-type (i.e. interval and interval, or frequency and frequency). They must be recorded on separate days because the graphing software cannot delineate in smaller time increments. If you are combining a frequency or duration – the behaviors you are viewing must be identical. So if one day you were watching pencil tapping, wandering, and blurting – but the second day you were only watching pencil tapping and wandering, the two sets of data cannot be combined.

I would like to use this for my research project. How do I reference BehaviorSnap?
How do I email my reports?

You can email the reports you generate by hitting the Action Button in the upper right hand corner of the app.  See the tutorials page for a how-to video.

If your reports are not coming through to your email, there is likely a requirement outside of BehaviorSnap that needs to be met.  All email functions exist outside of the app.  Make sure that your iPad has internet connectivity.  Make sure that you have a functioning email account on the iPad.  It is sometimes useful to open your email and make sure that it is currently active before sending a report.  Some districts have an extra layer of security, such as a user agreement that you must agree to before sending emails from your device.  Ensure that you have completed all of these requirements before attempting to send reports from the app.

I can’t renew my subscription. No options are available in the my subscriptions tab.

Options to manage your subscription are only available when the device is connected to the internet.

I have a new device. How do I get my subscription/data to transfer?

Recent upgrades to the app have made transferring your subscription simple.  Find the “Restore/Check a Previous Purchase” button under the My Subscriptions tab in the lower left hand corner of the app’s main page.  Your previous subscription will transfer to the new device.  To transfer your data from your old device, follow the directions for backing up your data, located above.

I took data earlier and want to enter it into the app now. Can I backdate my data?

No.  The app was made to conduct behavioral observations in real time, and the time and date stamps cannot be modified.  This was a conscious choice we made to keep the app legally defensible.

Is this app available through the Apple Volume Purchase program?

Yes, it is.  Any purchase of 20 or more apps on the same Apple ID account will receive a 50% reduction in cost. The VPP applies to the initial download cost of $9.99 in the App Store, but not to the subscription price.  The VPP also applies to the cost of 20 or more copies of the Forever Version of BehaviorSnap.