BehaviorSnap Features

Experience the basic functionality of BehaviorSnap with 12 observations for just $9.99!

Allows for multiple behaviors to be counted simultaneously within one direct observation. Also four observation types: Interval, Frequency, Duration, ABC

Fully customizable for individual students for Frequency, Duration and ABC observations.

Quick start function that allows the user to begin an observation immediately, entering pertinent student identification information at a later time.

Sophisticated design and meaningful graphs that can be shared in PDF format.

Confidentiality measures that adhere to professional ethical standards.

Determines frequent triggers and maintaining consequences of problem behaviors.

Advanced Features

Subscribe to the app for unlimited observations and the following advanced features:

Ability to Add Custom Behaviors to Interval Observations

Export to CSV capability

Optional Audible Alert for Interval Observations

Teacher-Student Interaction Tracking for Interval Observations

Ability to Code Unlimited Behaviors of Interest for Frequency and Duration Observations

Advantages of BehaviorSnap

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design.

  • Four Observation Tools

    • Interval
    • Frequency
    • Duration¬†
    • ABC

  • Clear Decisions

    • Provide clear behavioral information for data-driven decision making

  • Data You Can Use

    • Compile data into meaningful and easy to read graphs with the touch of a button
    • Copy and paste graphs into reports with ease

  • Share Results

    • Share results in PDF or CSV format via email with parents, teachers, and administrators