Experience the basic functionality of BehaviorSnap with 12 observations for an initial download fee of just $9.99! After 12 observations are used, choose your length of subscription to receive access to unlimited observations and advanced features not available to non-subscribers.

Subscribe monthly ($3.99), quarterly ($9.99), or annually ($29.99). Subscriptions auto-renew, unless you choose to discontinue your subscription prior to the end of your subscription period. Previous BehaviorSnap users (those who purchased the app prior to subscription pricing, i.e. February 2015) are not required to subscribe, but are encouraged to take advantage of the enhanced features at discounted pricing.

Enhanced features exclusively available to subscribers:

  • Add Custom Behaviors to Interval Observations
  • Export to CSV Capability
  • Optional Audible Alert for Interval Observations
  • Teacher-Student Interaction Tracking for Interval Observations
  • Code Unlimited Behaviors of Interest for Frequency and Duration Observations


For districts or individuals who are unable to make In-App Purchases, a Forever Version of BehaviorSnap is available beginning in August of 2017. For a one-time price of $299, you will receive unlimited access to BehaviorSnap in perpetuity including all future feature upgrades. The Forever Version is available through the Apple Volume Purchase Program, cutting the cost of the app by 50% for any single purchase of 20 or more apps.

Additional information regarding pricing is available in Frequently Asked Questions.